"We Need to Kill Slow Play!"

“We Need to Kill Slow Play,” by Bill Yates with Editor’s Intro, in the June 2015 issue of Asian Golf, pp 40-43. Asian Golf reached out to slow play guru Bill Yates, who comments in this special report about what is becoming one of the biggest challenges for golfers and golf course operators in the fast growing Asia Pacific region.


[excerpt] “Asian countries could fall into the overcrowded facility trap if growth is not planned and managed properly….There is a delicate balance to consider when encouraging new players into the game and then having them face the reality of overcrowded playing conditions that cause slow play.” --Author Bill Yates


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  • "Bill Yates is the Guru of pace of play."

    Paul Spengler, Executive VP

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, California
  • "It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s like you’ve given me an additional course to use."

    Perry Cooper, Golf Manager

    Jasper Park Lodge, Canada
  • "Bill Yates unquestionably provides the most enlightening analysis of pace of play I have ever seen."

    Terry Florence, Director of Golf

    Wild Dunes Golf Resort, South Carolina

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