"The Front 9"

"The Front 9: Groundbreaking Innovators in Golf," published in the Spring 2012 issue of Private Clubs Magazine. Bill Yates (top right) is spotlighted as one of nine golf lovers nationwide who are making a difference with their pioneering work in golf-related fields.


[excerpt]  "Slow play is like the weather. Talk about it all you want, but it’s still hard to change. One man working to redirect the winds is Bill Yates, a pace-of-play expert whose pioneering work has eased golf course congestion everywhere. If you despise slow play, you’ve gotta love Yates, a man who has done more than anyone to eliminate an agonizing problem in the game.”  --author Josh Sens


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  • "You’ve made a great difference. I always recommend you to other courses."

    Frank Jemsek, Owner

    Cog Hill Country Club, Illinois
  • "The pace of play in this championship was better than it has ever been."

    David Pepper, R&A Championship Comm. Chair

    The Open Championship, Muirfield, Scotland
  • "I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us."

    Shawn Smith, Director of Golf

    Pebble Beach Resort, California

Client Courses

  • Hong Kong Golf Club

    Hong Kong, New Territories

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