"Smooth Flow"

“Smooth Flow,” featured in the Spring 2014 issue of By Design Magazine, outlines insights by American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) Pace of Play Committee members about how golf course design influences pace. ASGCA is playing a leading role in efforts to make golf quicker, and the groundbreaking role of pace of play expert Bill Yates is noted in the article.


[excerpt] “Research by specialists such as Bill Yates of California-based Pace Manager Systems hows clearly that the absolute pace of a round is not necessarily golfers’ biggest concern. Rather the amount of time spent waiting to play shots is what causes people to complain about slowness on the course…”  --Staff Authors


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  • "The pace of play in this championship was better than it has ever been."

    David Pepper, R&A Championship Comm. Chair

    The Open Championship, Muirfield, Scotland
  • "Bill Yates unquestionably provides the most enlightening analysis of pace of play I have ever seen."

    Terry Florence, Director of Golf

    Wild Dunes Golf Resort, South Carolina
  • "You’ve made a great difference. I always recommend you to other courses."

    Frank Jemsek, Owner

    Cog Hill Country Club, Illinois

Client Courses

  • El Caballero Country Club

    Tarzana, California

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