"Slow Play: It's Not Your Fault!"

"Slow Play: It's Not Your Fault," by Bill Yates, featured in Golf Magazine, May 1998. Bill explodes some of the most pervasive myths about slow play and explains how management policies at a course have more impact on pace of play than players.


[excerpt] "Players equate slow play with waiting. And waiting is what we do on overcrowded freeways and overcrowded golf courses. It's long round times caused by waiting, not slow play, that hurt the image and pleasure of the game. The words we use are important. I suggest we reserve the term "slow play" only for those foursomes that really do play slowly, not for those that are packed on a course and forced to creep along with the herd..."  --Author Bill Yates


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    Paul Spengler, Executive VP

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, California
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    Nathan Stith, Director of Golf

    Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Florida
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