Maintenance Manager GPS

Using our GPS technology, superintendents can increase the utilization and performance of their equipment and human resources on a daily basis, reducing costs while increasing quality, doing more with every budget dollar.


You can say "YES!" to the following questions your maintenance staff will have about Maintenance Manager GPS:

  • Will we know how long it took to: mow a fairway, a green, the rough?
  • Will we be able to manage the speed of fairway mowing to control mowing quality?
  • Will we be able to track all our transport travel routes and the time taken?
  • Will we be able to track and replay the specific route taken by our vehicles?
  • Will we know the precise time our vehicles left and returned to the maintenance yard?
  • Will we be alerted if specific equipment did not leave the maintenance yard?
  • Will we be able to immediately locate our personnel and equipment visually?
  • Will it be easy to customize our 'landmarks', 'alerts', 'reports', and 'dashboards'?
  • Will we know how long it took to: perform Section Duties this morning? Perform any maintenance operation?
  • Will we be able to use smart phones, iPads, and other mobile technologies to view all our data and activities, and to control the system from any location?

Again, the answer to all of these questions is "YES!"


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  • "Our pace of play is much better and our members love it."

    Alice Plain, PGA, Director of Golf

    Vail Golf Club, Colorado
  • "I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us."

    Shawn Smith, Director of Golf

    Pebble Beach Resort, California
  • "We cut more than 30 minutes off our average 18-hole round."

    Dane Bohrer, PGA, General Manager


Client Courses

  • Jasper Park Lodge

    Jasper, Alberta, Canada

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