March Tip for Course Owners and Managers: Invest 3 days to increase annual revenue!

March Tip for Course Owners and Managers: Invest 3 days to increase annual revenue!

If you invest just 3 days at the start of your season, you will be in a position to increase your number of rounds and revenue, and your investment will be quickly returned.


Here are the Cliff Notes…



**Owners and managers don’t typically see slow play as their #1 problem. They see filling the tee sheet as their #1 problem. That’s because they don’t have to play the course late Saturday morning.


**Players absolutely hate slow play! This is their #1 dislike. Why is this important to owners and managers? Because waiting on every shot makes players frustrated and angry. And frustrated and angry players play less golf. They also feel that whatever the green fee was, it was too much for the value they got from their round.


**If round times at your course are short in the early morning and long by late morning, not only do your players not know how much time to budget, but also the late morning players really resent getting a lower quality product than the early players…and paying the same green fee for the privilege!


**Your course reputation isn’t established just by your marketing team; it’s established by your players…and potential players.


And here’s what you need to do…


Visit our Contact Us page, and call or email to find out exactly how you can improve the pace and flow of play on your course.

Know that in just three days we can reduce round times and also make them more consistent throughout the day.

Realize that you will be starting the season with a much larger inventory of high quality starting times that will be easier to fill.

Be thrilled when this brings you more revenue, more loyal customers, and a great reputation!


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


  • "Your training sharpened our focus on quality."

    Nathan Stith, Director of Golf

    Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Florida
  • "Your program was not an expense; it was a sound investment."

    Terry Boldt, Golf Division Manager

    City of Calgary Municipal Courses, Canada
  • "Thanks to you, we have experienced two magical years of smooth flowing golf and exceptional pace"

    Steve Harker, Mgr. Performance Excellence

    Osprey Ridge at Disney World, Florida

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    Williamsburg, Virginia

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