June Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 3

June Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 3

To continue our "Solving the Slow Play Mysteries" Series...

Discovery 3: Management success should be measured by maximizing revenue, not counting the number of rounds.  When daily success goals are focused only on number of rounds, it’s almost impossible to pay enough attention to the quality of the playing experience. You’ll be incentivized to squeeze in more players and overcrowd the course. Bear in mind that a properly loaded full course will keep play flowing smoothly. But an over-packed course is a recipe for bottlenecks. Your course reputation will suffer and you’ll lose players. Now think about this: When success is measured by revenue, you will be focused on round time consistency that is the result of a properly loaded course, and on quality that can be delivered group after group. Now you’ll find that you can fill previously empty afternoon starting times at premium value and your need for discounting will drop. Your course will be full all day, your reputation for value will grow, and you’ll generate more – not less – revenue!


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems



  • "We have now put 3:57 on all our range balls."

    Alan McGregor, General Manager

    St Andrews, Scotland
  • "We continue to see marked improvement and exceptional quality."

    Gregg Lindquist, General Manager

    Desert Willow Golf Resort, California
  • "Bill Yates is the Guru of pace of play."

    Paul Spengler, Executive VP

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

Client Courses

  • Sanctuary Cove - The Pines

    Queensland, Australia

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