July Tip for Players: How to spot a 5-hour course (Part 1)

July Tip for Players: How to spot a 5-hour course (Part 1)

To be a "pace of play-savvy" player, consider asking yourself and the professional staff some important questions before handing over your green fee. Knowing the answers to ten questisons could spare you from signing up for a 5-hour-plus round of golf.


The first five questions are below; most can be answered by observing the first tee. Watch for the August Tip of the Month as we roam the course with our next five questions!


Question #1: What is the interval between tee times? If it is less than nine minutes on a crowded course you could be in for a long day.


Question #2: Does the Starter actually start play? If there's no Starter on the tee holding players to their assigned starting times, the players themselves are controlling the flow onto the course. As a result, the course will quickly become overcrowded and you'll be waiting all day.


Question #3: Are groups consistently teeing off later than their assigned starting times? If yes, you'll effectively see the same results as with Question #2 or Question #1. In either case, the course is telling you that it's already overcrowded...and you haven't even started playing yet.


Question #4: Will the Pro Shop promise to "squeeze in" your foursome? This practice overcrowds the course by effectively shortening the starting interval.


Question #5: Do Marshals or Rangers provide assistance to players or just drive by and wave? Trained Rangers are very effective in managing the pace and flow of play if they are parked in strategic locations observing play on several holes and are ready to assist players in keeping the flow or in finding lost balls.



Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


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