February Tip for Course Superintendents: Help your players decide which tees to play.

February Tip for Course Superintendents: Help your players decide which tees to play.

Playing the wrong tees hurts your players’ game, takes away their fun, and can ruin the pace of play for their group and others. Why do players persist in playing the wrong tees?


Well, the biggest reason is that they may be new to your course. For resorts and many public courses, new players to your facility show up every day. And here’s what they bring with them.


1. No prior experience on your course: So of course they don’t know how far they’ll have to hit it to play over forced carries and other hazards in order to reach the fairway

2. No real knowledge of how far they actually do hit it


If you work with your Professional to measure the difficult carries from each of the tee colors on the scorecard, you can determine the most difficult carry for each tee color and place the same color flag on the practice range at those distances. Now your Range Attendants can tell your guests, “For the best playing experience, the best score and the most fun, we suggest that today you play from the farthest tee colored flag you can carry.”


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


  • "Magnifique!"

    Alexis Davet, General Manager

    Golf de la Grande Bastide, Provence
  • "Thanks to you, we have experienced two magical years of smooth flowing golf and exceptional pace"

    Steve Harker, Mgr. Performance Excellence

    Osprey Ridge at Disney World, Florida
  • "We continue to see marked improvement and exceptional quality."

    Gregg Lindquist, General Manager

    Desert Willow Golf Resort, California

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