"Does Golf need a Shot Clock or Just a Clock?"

"Does Golf Need a Shot Clock or Just a Clock?," an interview with Bill Yates by Roger Graves, in PGA Magazine, April 2005 issue. The author weighs the pros and cons of whether golf should adopt a shot clock to speed play. Yates provides insights about why speeding up play can be done more effectively by certain management practices.


[excerpt]  "Golf needs a feedback program to tell golfers if they are falling behind. That's the purpose of a good marshal - to offer feedback and, more importantly, help them catch up if they fall behind the pace of play. 'A good sound management team and a well-trained marshal is a customer's best friend,' says Yates, 'because they realize they are there to help the time-conscious player complete his or her round in a reasonable amount of time...You are telling the player that you realize their time is valuable. it delivers a loud message.'"    --Author Roger Graves


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