April Tip for Players: Six ways to pick up the pace!

April Tip for Players: Six ways to pick up the pace!

Be on Time!  Arrive 45 minutes before your tee time. If you change your mind about playing, call and cancel.


Don't tee off before your starting time!  Ironically, the closer you start to the group ahead of you (either in time and/or distance), the slower your round will be.


Don't ask to play a crowded course as a twosome!   You’ll quickly catch up to the group ahead of you, spend the day waiting on every shot and contribute to crowding the course.


Use the proper tees!   You’re ego isn’t a problem when begging your buddies for strokes, so don’t let it keep from you from playing the right tees for your game. When you do, you’ll be surprised to be up there with the bigger hitters when it comes time to play your second shot to the green. And, you’ll have more fun and score better.


Improve your short game!  I've watched a lot of play on par threes. According to my count, in recreational golf 81% of players miss the green with their first shot, 37% are still not on in two, and 14% haven’t arrived in three. A better short game will help your score and your pace of play.


Be ready to play!  When you arrive at your partner’s ball, get out of the cart and get over to your ball. When it’s your turn to play and it’s clear, hit it!


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems




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