April Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 1

April Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 1

Over the past several decades, I've visited hundreds of courses, observed thousands of golfers, and clicked my stopwatches on and off hundreds of thousands of times! And for what?

For the sole purpose of uncovering the mysteries behind what we all despise and call "slow play."

In this quest for the truth, I've made some real Ah-ha! discoveries, and I'm going to share them with you over the next few months. Continue to watch the Tip of the Month to take this journey with me.

Discovery 1: For almost all of today's courses, the "4-hour round" is a myth. Yes, it really is. How long it should take to play a course is largely determined by course design. When courses were more compact and built for walking, golf could usually be played in four hours or less. On many modern courses that have long green to tee distances, or that wind through residential streets, up and down hilly terrain, and around environmental areas…well, you do the math.  The USGA Pace Rating System tells how long a round “should take” on a course so that managers and players can have realistic expectations rather than overcrowding their courses to meet financial projections. Some courses simply take longer to play and always will. The trick is to manage the course properly so that its unique Pace Rating is achievable, or even beatable. Again…whatever the course’s Pace Rating, players will be happy if play is smooth and they don’t have to wait on every hole! And managers will be happy because every tee time during the day is a good one.


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems








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