"A Time(less) Issue"

"Pace of Play: A Time(less) Issue," by Roger Graves. The cover story in the February 2012 issue of PGA Magazine. Features discussion with Bill Yates about his partnership with the PGA to improve pace of play.


[excerpt]  "If you endorse the theory of Bill Yates, founder of Pace Manager Systems® and a passionate proponent of PGA Professionals needing to manage the flow of play to improve customer value, revenue and the overall golf experience, slow play has been the bane of golf for centuries. 'There is no real documentation to support it,' Yates explains, 'but I would argue that the real reason golf courses today consist of 18 holes is because the Scots grew tired of waiting on the original 22-hole course at St Andrews. So they eliminated two short holes at the start of the course and the corresponding two at the end to complete the loop. It was human nature. Nobody likes to wait. That gives us evidence that pace of play was a concern way back in 1763.'"  --Author Roger Graves


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