June Tip for Golf Course Architects: Your Crystal Ball!

June Tip for Golf Course Architects: Your Crystal Ball!

Golf course architects have a unique opportunity to create an optimal pace of play for a course under construction or redesign. The architect sets the bar by determining how long it should take to play the course. The management team determines how long it actually does take to play the course. When the architect and the management team come together on the same page, the course will deliver the best product and generate the most income.


One way this can happen is through Bill Yates’ Pace Designer® Systems, which recognizes the uniqueness of each course and provides insights about the future impact of major design decisions, while the course is being designed, redesigned, or renovated.


Pace Designer Systems benefits the golf course architect by helping the architect select the best routing and fine tune the course design for optimal day to day use. It also gives the architect another deliverable…an Owner’s Manual for managing the course.


Pace Designer Systems also benefits the management team by providing insights about how play will flow, even before the course is designed or redesigned. It gives the specific tools to use for training staff and managing the course right from opening day. And it allows the management team to use effective management practices unique to the course from day one, with confidence instead of trial and error.


For more detailed information on how Pace Designer Systems can help architects, as we have done for Robert Trent Jones, Jr., David McLay Kidd, Forrest Richardson, Desmond Muirhead and others, please click here to contact Bill Yates for a free consultation.


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


  • "We have now put 3:57 on all our range balls."

    Alan McGregor, General Manager

    St Andrews, Scotland
  • "We continue to see marked improvement and exceptional quality."

    Gregg Lindquist, General Manager

    Desert Willow Golf Resort, California
  • "Your program was not an expense; it was a sound investment."

    Terry Boldt, Golf Division Manager

    City of Calgary Municipal Courses, Canada

Client Courses

  • The Old Course

    St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

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